About the Game

Akolyta is first person horror adventure. The features standard horror game mechanics such as notebook for found documents, tape recorder for found audiologs and flashlight, but also weapon and RPG elements. You, the player, won’t be just running, you will be able to fight back and upgrade your skills!


The story takes place in 90’s. Player takes control of Marshall Prime who is detective in City of Gorenwille. Together with his partner – Benjamin Black he will have solve numbers of murders that recently increased in the city. After further investigation Marshall will discover that everything is much more complicated than he thought and that the case is not just about the murders.

Target Audience

We aim for the players who love singleplayer story based game. Players who are sick and tired of hearing about tuns of new multiplayer and battle royale games and who wants to experience new way of storytelling in videogames.

Current Status

We are currently working on demo version for early access. We have the game mechanics in place and mostly working on environment and polishing existing content. If you would like to know more about development, feel free to follow us on social media or join our Discord channel.