Be Prepared to Lose Everything!

In this post we would like to share a new teaser with you. In it you will see new visual style of the game and some basic game mechanics that we decided to reveal! Hello everyone, my name is Jan, and I’m happy you’re here!

The Teaser

I think we all knew that the teaser is on it’s way. We wanted to show something more from the game then just screenshots. The reason for releasing it so late after game announcement is that we experimented with different visual styles and now we finally found the best fitting for our game. For the entire team I hope you will enjoy it as we did.

The Updates

Despite the new teaser we had a lot more new things happened! Our team grew bigger in size and we were able to shift the development forward. If you have the skills and you would like to participate in the development feel free to join us on Discord for more information.

We also created a roadmap on our website so you can now see what’s coming and what you can look forward to. The earliest is a new trailer that will come very soon. (we hope …) You can also donate and support the development via PayPal if you like what you see.

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