New Trailer Released

Hello. After a few months of development and redoing we are happy to announce that we finally released the next trailer. The trailer is called The Experiment and it shows a little backstory from the city of Gorenwille.

What to expect?

This time you will get to know the story of Wesley M. Davis. He has to stay late at work one day. When he came home he’ll find out that his family is missing. After searching through the house the phone will start to ring. After a few ringings, Wesley finally gets the courage to pick it up.

This trailer created to show you mostly the atmosphere of the environment that will be released in the early access version and in full game as well. It will also show you how we plan to work with backstories and how dark they are.

Link to the previous trailer

In the previous trailer – The Sacrifice – we wanted to show the narrative elements of the game and how we plan to work with them in the future, revealed the main character and told the story twist.

Plans for the future

In the future, we hope to merge together those two pieces – the narrative elements shown in The Sacrifice and the scary horror atmosphere shown in The Experiment.

Speaking about the narrative we have more exciting content to release pretty soon that you will hopefully enjoy. As for the graphics shown in the trailer we would like to warn you that it does not represent the final product and is constantly evolving and getting better.

Stay tuned to our website, Discord and social media as we plan to reveal more story-related stuff and new information about early access and our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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