Marshall G. Prime

Marshall Gregory Prime was born on September 18th 1959 in Gorenwille City. He was the only child of George Y. Prime and Anges J. Prime. Not long after his birth his father has disappeared, leaving his mother to take care of him. Low wages and a rising cost of living forced him and his mother into poverty. The house they were living in was seized by bank as his mother was unable to pay mortage. They had to move to Harrison Quater – at that time ghetto in Gorenwille. There they endured the worst living conditions in the city, facing crime and injustice that was often ignored by the authorities.

While living in Harrison Quater young Marshall started to go to FDR Elementary School. In the school he got involved into fight with the son of local mafia enforcer Henry A. Smith – James M. Smith. Because many of the teachers in the school were living in the same neighborhood the punished young Marshall without even consulting it with Henry A. Smith. After this incident Marshall started to hate the school and wanted to young Smith to face justice. He understood that further escalation could lead to another punishments but from this point on he always stood up for bullied and weaker individuals. This incident would later form his sense of justice and would influence his later career choice. After he finished elementary school Marshall knew what he wanted to do next. He wanted to became policeman so he can fight againts people like James M. Smith and his father. He then went to Brown Law Enforcement High School in the city of Gorenwille. Thanks to his excelent studying results he met Gorenwille police chief who offered him part-time job at police department. (GPD) With this he was able to pay for some of his and his mother expenses and eventually they were able to move to Modoc Alley – middle class part of the city. In the high school he met his best friend and future partner – Benjamin K. Black.