Accomplished | [In development] | Delayed | Cancelled


Initial Idea

Group of guys decided it would be fun to make a videogame and as fans Outlast and Amnesia we wanted to create a horror game.

Studio Established

After two years we get togheter and started to experiment with game development. We started to call ourselves Pterosoft studio.

January 2018

Work Begins

We finally started to work on the game we started to call Akolyta. We had the engine selected and we know the basics for the game.

First Prototype Build

We developed first prototype for internal purposes. From that we have been able to find positive and negative things about the game and move the game forward.

July 2018
March 2019

Website Launch

We launch the game’s website and started to post video diaries and we also created social media accounts for the fans to find us. Our team has also expanded.

First Trailer

We want you to see how our game looks like and we want to do it via trailer.

June 2019
June 2019

AI Prototype

We do have number of enemies designed and we would like to test them in engine.

RPG System Prototype

As we stated our game has a unique RPG system that need to be tested internally first.

May 2019
June 2019

Second Prototype

This is the prototype before we release the game in early access to make sure the game is ready to be tested by public.


With the second tech demo/prototype we hope to raise funding to continue our afford in creating awesome game.

2019 – 2020

[Early Access]

Once we had everything we need we want to develop a version for you to play it and give us feedback and help us make our game better.

[Kickstarter Campaign]

With the materials and work we have so far we would like to ask you – our fans for support to get first funding for Akolyta.

December 2019

Trailer #2

Along with Kickstarter campaign we want to share new trailer to get you even more excited about the game.